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The First Aid Quiz - First Aid Hangman

This game is created just for fun.

The game uses Adobe Flash - so if you haven't yet got the flash plug-in for your browser visit: Adobe Shockwave Flash download page. Alternatively download Firefox 3 and use the plug-in manager to install flash when prompted.

How to play

First choose your difficulty. There are two options: an easy game and a hard game. The easy game includes a hint making it very easy to win. The hard game does not have any clues: only answers.

Then press on the appropriate letter on your keyboard to guess the letters in the blanks. A correct answer is filled in, and incorrect answer brings you one step closer to being hanged.

Be aware that you may get duplicate questions. This is due to the random selection algorithm and the number of clues. I do hope to add more clues in the future which should reduce the changes of these duplicates.

Note this game has adopted the traditional title of hangman. If you feel that this is not politically correct then feel free to refer to the game as hangwoman, or perhaps hangperson if that makes you more comfortable.

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