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If you find that the larger puzzles are two small to see, please choose the printable versions at the bottom of this page.

The xword puzzles are ordered by creation date, not difficulty. Recent Additions now have the month it was added included in the title. Some of the crosswords have been removed as the new first aid guidelines means that they are now out of date. I hope to add some updated crosswords in the future.

To choose a different puzzle click on the puzzle name in the top right hand corner of the applet below. For more details on how to play click the "Help" button at any time.


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Please enable Java on your browser or use try the offline puzzles.

The interactive crossword is a Java applet. You need a working Java installation to use this feature. If you do not have Java installed you can download it from the SUN Java Download page. If you would rather print the crosswords to use offline please use the printable crossword pages below.

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List of Printable Crosswords

The "Printable Crossword Puzzles" may be printed for personal use. There are however restriction on commercial use, please read the copyright message at the bottom of each page.

The online version of the crossword must not be copied in anyway, and can only be used online from this website.